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★ rules:
 ☆ the first ten people to comment on this journal with a reference of the character they want will get a sketch from me
 ☆ but in return they will have to offer to do ten free sketches in a journal too! (and put me first on the list)
 ☆ this is for watchers only

below are the slots:

1. :iconjigglysama:
2. (:iconryu-tarou:)(will only really be added after seeing the journal)
3. :iconyoumuneplowell:
4. :iconminor-creativeness:

I will draw human females or characters that are reasonably(what is reasonable will be decided by me) close to human females only, and no mature contents or complex poses, sorry.

Also, only take part in this project if you can really draw something.
I don't believe in the theory of multiple intelligences, as there is little evidence supporting the existence of multiple intelligences; instead, there is substantial evidence supporting the idea of general intelligence.

I have a feeling, that is, most people struggle to do the following things even with an extensive amount of work:

1. master a foreign language, or at least two foreign languages.
2. learn and comprehend anything of high school or advanced mathematics.(algebra, trigonometric functions, calculus, etc.)
3. know how to write computer programs in any programming language.

Anyone, even those who have the potent to do them, needs an extensive amount of work before they are able to do them, and among those three things, I think mastering a foreign language is probably the easiest, knowing a program language is probably the most difficult. If you are able to do one or two of them, you have won most people, if you can write programs, or you are able to do all of them, YOU ARE UNDENIABLY A GENIUS.

however, even if you are able to do any of them, you should not be proud of it, you didn't earn those abilities by your own merits, you are just born with such abilities, you have practically nothing to do with your abilities.
It looks like it is not hard to get more followers that follows you online, and the Internet does open a good opportunity for people to make friends outside of their own neighborhoods, schools and workplaces, and it is especially a convenient tool for disabled people to break their isolation, having a true social life like most others do.

However, it seems that only few of you followers in a social network service will have regular interactions with you, and even fewer of them will really become your friends, say, less than 10% of people that is connected to you will interact with you more often or on a regular basis, and less than 1% of people that is connected to you will really become your friends.

I have more than 700 followers on G+, only one of them have become my friend, that person is :icontayayase: , although I think two people she knows and are her friends have also considered me as their friends.

Below is the estimated number of Internet people that have been connected to me to any extent:

- google+: about 750-900
- plurk: about 300-400
- twitter: about 200-250
- pixiv: about 200-250(or 20-30 if mere followers are not counted)
- deviantart: about 100-200
- Secons Life: about 100
- other online communities I have ever taken part in, including most earlier ones: about 100 or more
- Skype: about 70
- Facebook: about 80(not counting people I know in real life)/about 100(counting people I know in real life)

the number of my real friends online: about 5-10, including :icontayayase: , it is very hard to get a friend even online; if you count anyone that interacts with you more or on a regular basis as a friend, the number is higher, however, even using this broader definition, it is still pretty hard to get a friend even online.

I hope my friendship with :icontayayase: and other online friends won't become bland, and I hope I won't lose :icontayayase: and other online friends as friends either...I have lost one who has become my foe now...
No matter what kinds of fetish you have, I accept your existence, as long as you don't commit crimes because of your fetish, and it is not a sin to have such kinks and to fantasize something about them, however, some people simply cannot accept them and they may think your kinks are evil or stupid, just try to shun those people, don't let them get you.

Let's just be ourselves and accept ourselves. (:
I have several friends who have some vore fetish, however, I have heard some people claiming people who fantasize vore are cannibalistic...

In reality, those friends of mine are truly good and trustworthy people, they have a vore fetish, they don't practice it in real life as some psychopaths do, is that wrong to merely have such a fantasy?

If you are a devoted christian, what will you think if people accuse you of having hate speech and/or supporting genocide just because the Bible has some paragraphs talking of the genocide(e.g. Deuteronomy 3:6, Joshua 10:40, 1 Samuel 15:2-3)? So please think of the verses of Matthew 7:1-2: "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." before claiming that people with vore fetish are cannibalistic, or any consensual sex behavior between adults or fantasy of adult humans is evil or unethical.
Intelligence is like a knife, one can use it to intentionally harm others; but even one son't want to harm others, one can still accidently harm others with it.

I think I should know how to control my intelligence and knowledge, lest it accidently harm others when I don't want to harm others; however, on the other hand, I also need to control my mind, lest I possess any bad intention against others.

being smart and possess a lot of intelligence is one issue; knowing how to control one's intelligence is another issue, they should not be mixed up together.
When you interact with people for a longer time and try to develop a deeper interpersonal relationship with them, sometimes everything looks good at first, and you don't expect there will be problems, but then things start to go just can't get along with some people after a period of time because of a variety of reasons, for example, the personalities don't fit with each other, one of them becomes busy or loses contact, etc. all of them can interrupt and end an ongoing friendship...

It is not really easy to have a long-term friendship with people, you need luck besides knowledge and hard-working...and the interpersonal relationships can really change considerably within several months...maybe you have known that...but I still want to say...
There are at least two creations that are important to my life as of now, they are shown below:

Image by k1234567890y

Image by k1234567890y

That is, Rakuraku Dinokun/Dinkie Dino and Hyperdimension Neptunia series respectively.

Rakuraku Dinokun/Dinkie Dino is the origin of long-longs, I started to create conlangs because of long-logs, my first two conlangs, Lonmai Luna and Nevotak, are related to two species of long-longs respectively, and I taught myself linguistics and even the possibility to make my silly reconstruction of Yeniseian languages using what wikipedia has on the languages; also, ny major in Universiy and Graduate school had nothing to do with linguistics, but I think my linguistic skills might be stronger than skills related to my majors in school...

Hyperdimension Neptunia series is the creation that truly made me break the status of isolation and got closer friends like :icontayayase: , I knew :icontayayase: directly because of Neptunia series and I knew her before I started to play Second Life; I knew babybunny2044 and hatsunix in second life, and although they are not really fans of Neptunia series, I also knew them indirectly because of Neptunia series: I knew babybunny2044 because they uses a Noire Black Heart avatar in Second Life; and I think I knew hatsunix through H***L(probably through a friend of H***L), H***L is my former friend, he is a Neptunia fan and was a member of Second Life, the Noire Black Heart avatar of babybunny2044 was also from him.

Ok, that's all rants, and sorry for saying.
A friend of mine got trolled on Twitter by a certain guy with a Latin name because she was talking about something related to feminism...which gave her a serious strike...

what that guy has done on my friend was like a despotic master or gangster who discharge violence on their underlings to show their dominance, if that guy was not a troll, in either case, it is morally wrong.
I take part in Neptunia vore group and constructed language related groups of CWS( other constructed language/worldbuilding-related groups) in Skype, and today, there are people in both groups shifting from Skype to Discord...

because of the suggestion of a person in the Neptunia vore group in Skype, I made an account in Discord, then I saw an article in conworkshop stating that they have also made a Discord group...then I went to the CWS main chat in Skype, they were also discussing Discord things...

What a the day of Discord coming?
seems that in recent times, yuri, that is, contents of girls liking girls, have been used too often, to the degree that the image of yuri as a series has been ruined in the mind of some people...

Maybe it's time for all of us creating original characters with a variety of sexual and/or romantic orientations?
:icontayayase: and babybunny2044 and hatsunix are trustworthy people, they are my brothers and sisters online, if anyone tries to make me distrust any of :icontayayase: or babybunny2044 or hatsunix , or tries to persuade me that any of :icontayayase: or babybunny2044 or hatsunix  is a liar, they are trolling in front of me, harming my brothers and sisters, without any single exception.

Anyone who is trying to attack :icontayayase: and babybunny2044 and hatsunix  is being my enemy that is confromting me, don't do that.
Nepgear fans, if you are going to make animation of Nepgear, this is an option.

Nepgear Character Builder by TayAyase

This is a Nepgear Builder, which means you can make Nepgear with different poses, and is convenient for you to make animations. Anyone who is interested can download it (:
another reason of depression
Don't know if it's possible to have a no name in da... Don't ask for link to page been deleted...

A certain close-minded person has told a Vert-lover to stop making Vert pics and choose other characters instead, however, every character is equally good, everyone has the right to love them, and what he/she has told to her, is interfering her life.

Probably what he/she should do is to go to somewhere else rather than go to here to degrade him/herself by sending such a hate mail.
Can anyone share a MMD model of Vert Green Heart? If no one is going to share a good one, I may consider to give a request or commission to let someone make one.
Don't think you can hack my dA account or any other account by sending me some susceptible links, your nasty and evil deeds won't be successful.

People should not click any susceptible links, like any links, in order to protect yourselves.
It seems that someone wants a non-sexualized but cool looking Vert Green Heart.

idea for pictureCan someone share this I want pics of Col. Green Heart not fetish related or sexualized but have her being a baddass

probably sexualization of females has truly become a problem...and even Vert is not only a siscon with an attractive body, so, 女神の力、見せてあげるわ!(The power of goddess, let us show you!)
maybe I will take down most if not all my published pics in DeviantART