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Cedordal fo Musume

Ele leham, eso hiles cedordal, cedordal on alo dala feriki, adale cedor on imai dala fesabaip. Pedil dala feriki, dala amati nel mo bulon, itok dala montak mayankowis dorkasolen on imai dak.

Ele fam, hamo cedordal on tika e cedor on imai dala, dala dem hiles musume mal wele-wele nel ko'ai-ko'ai, palka e cedor on imai dala, dala cuka oli musume on ep powas, itok dala bamfar musume on sot.

Dala suba musume on lis: "tak kat mek?"

Musume on kowis cedordal on lis: " fep feyahami."

Polo cedordal on parak musume on lir oli hiles balesit imai dala sum gail palka musume on sum samuk musume on, itok musume on kipe asot ep popla.

Cedos musume on kipe asot, dala lule cedordal on lis: "se daler gail dem kat iso top, tak kat daler sedo pala se?"

Cedordal on ekep laludekai ait imai musume on elok ikasi derano, motu dala kowis musume on lis: "ee......, ahe, se soho pala kat letewo." motu cedordal on gaiferki soho pala cedor musume.

Musume on leya nel parak cedordal on oli hiles liwo, eso hiles teman e liwo on, itok eso kala rinchen lir e temen on.

Motu musume on lule cedordal on lis "kat malitik, itok des los rinchen al ilemai se, adalo se daler dorpa kat des los alor, kat ala dalor nalto nel pabel alor."

Pedi hamo cedordal elan aitalor, dala gaiferki siska, dala modo solta laludekai ait imai musume on, polo dala suba musume on lis: "ta......tak lin hir se ala dalor nalto nel pabel des los alor?"

Musume on kowis cedordal on lis: "ahe, aitalor lin, lin hir kat ala dalor nalto nel pabel des los alor."

Cedordal on modo solta hosti aitalor, polo dala suba musume on lis: "tak aitalor lin?"

Musume on kowis cedordal on lis: "ahe, aitalor lin, se dalep kat solta aitalor." cedordal on solta aitalor adale dala bamfar musume on merka hamo dala suba, motu dala nalto iso los rinchen on sum solpik.

Cedordal on modo nalto des los rinchen on, dala nelto hilpai iraha los rinchen on, pedil los rinchen on ilemai hosti musume on, rinchen on mal cedordal on nalto kodop ril cedordal on, motu cedordal on temi-delem hiles cedor mal mali iden ik rinchen on, dala gail riki dak ik cedor mal mali iden on nel holbo-delem de, itok cedordal on siha betu dapotik ik les isota on los rinchen on.

Hiles minduktik imai cedordal on bamfar hir cedordal on kipe riki, dala keile nel kelka cedordal on, polo dala soho oli cedordal on sum sile cedordal on lule olen on imai cedordal on, itok cedordal on lule minduktik on olen on imai dak.

Cedos minduktik on elan olen on imai cedordal on, dala gaiferki tolu musume, wido patelo des rinchen imai musume on, kusilo minduktik on soho oli liwo mal halset on nel bat iso musume, pedi des musume mal minduktik on bat on fep minduktik on bulon, adalo dala bap minduktik on hamo dala dem minduktik on, motu dala cuka nel solpik sum apato, polo minduktik on modo patelo matupa.

Rough Translation:

A farmer and a girl

Once upon a time, there was a farmer, the farmer was poor, for that his fields were infertile. Although he was poor, he was kind and not greedy, and he never complained about his life.

A day, when the farmer was working in his field, he saw a little cute girl lying in his field, he ran to the girl nervously, and he found that the girl was sick.

He asked to the girl: "are you all right?"

"I......I feel uncomfortable." the girl answered.

So the farmer brought the girl into his room, letting her lie down and taking care of the girl. and the girl recovered fastly.

After the girl had recovered, she told to the farmer: "I want to let you see something, do you want to go with me?"

The farmer thought about what the girl had said for some time, then he answered to the girl: "ee......, yes, I'll go with you." then he started to go with the girl.

The girl led and brought the farmer to a mountain, there was a hole on the mountain, and there were many treasures in the hole.

Then the girl told the farmer: "You're a good person, and all those treasures are mine, so I want to give all my treasures to you, you can take and have all the treasures."

But when the farmer heard that, he started to doubt, he did't believe the saying of the little girl, so he asked the little girl: " what you said true?"

The girl answered him: "yes, that's true, that you can take and have all the treasures is true."

The farmer still didn't believe, so he asked the girl again: "is that true?"

The girl answered to the farmer: "yes that's true, I hope you believe that."the farmer believed that because he found that the girl was honest when he was asking, then he took some of the treasures and left.

The farmer didn't took all the treasures, he only took a few treasures, though most of the treasures still belonged to the girl, the treasure that the farmer had got was sufficient to him. Then the farmer bought a better field with the treasures, he made his life better with the field and married with someone, and he also helped others with the rest of the treasures.

One of his neighbours found that the farmer had become rich, he was envious and jealous to the farmer, so he went to the farmer and asked the farmer to tell his experience, and the farmer told his experiences to the neighbour.

After hearing the experiences of the farmer, the neighbour of the farmer started to find such girls to get all treasures from them, so he went to the same mountain and found some girls, but all girls he had found felt that he was greedy, so they were afraid of him when seeing him, and then all the girls ranaway and disappeared, so the neighbour got nothing.
A story written in the transcription of Liunan/Lonmailuna, a conlang created by me, the language is used in the 8th world(a conworld created by me, with an earth parallel to our one, Liunan/Lonmailuna was a langauge used by humans and Long-longs of the earth of that world), and is the mother tongue of Meimei( [link] ). it has not been finished yet(I think) and there may have some modifications in the future.

The basic word order of the language is SVO(subject-verb-object), it mainly uses prepositions, adjectives are stative verbs.

There are no case and gender distinctions of nouns, and though ways of marking plurals do exist, virtually they are always optional, and only first and second person pronouns distinguish singular, dual and plural.

It virtually uses no inflections, so it's an analytic language, though there are some derivational affixes.

Relative clauses follow their head nouns(thus adjectives follow their head nouns)

Numerals precede their head nouns and most of the numerals are used with quantifiers to modify nouns.

Demostratives follow nouns they modify when not used with quantifiers, and precede nouns they modify when being used with quantifiers.

Pronunciaiton of the letters used for transcriptions:

A - /a/
AI - /ai/
AU - /aw/*
B - /b/
C - /ʃ/
CH - /ʧ/*
D - /d/
DJ - /ʤ/*
E - /e/
EI - /ei/*
F - /f/
G - /ɡ/
H - /h/
I - /i/
IU - /eu~iu~y/*
K - /k/
L - /l/
M - /m/
N - /n/
O - /o/
OI - /oi/*
OU - /ou/*
P - /p/
R - /r/
S - /s/
T - /t/
U - /u/
W - /w/
Y - /j/

Pronunciations with *s are only occured in foreign-origin words.
/r/ might be an aveolar trill, an aveolar tap/flap, or an aveolar (non-lateral) approximant, it should not pronunced as an uvular continuant.

The story itself is a folktale among the human speakers of Liunan/Lonmailuna.
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milk-n-coffee Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
beautiful conlang. adored the story!
k1234567890y Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
thanks. seems that you are interested in conlangs and concultures?
milk-n-coffee Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
very much so c:
k1234567890y Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
ok :)
May-Woods23 Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That's so good, I love the sounds of the language you've created. It's a real love/hate relationship with language creation lol, I've been developing my own for a few years now.
k1234567890y Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
thank you.
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